How abzolute Works?

1Connect abzolute media player

The abzolute media player is connected to the internet wirelessly or via an ethernet cable, and to the display screen using the HDMI cable. Each display screen requires its own media player / device.

2Create & Schedule Content

The web-based CMS, which can be accessed from anywhere using a web browser, allows users to upload content, create campaigns using custom layouts. The campaign can be organized for playback as per the schedule.

3Display Content

Once configured via the CMS, the player downloads the media files and displays it on the screen. The screen can be split into multiple zones which can accommodate different contents such as audio, video & widgets like news feed, text scroll etc.

4Update & Reschedule

To update or to create a new playback schedule, simply log in to the abzolute from any location and create/update/edit the content as and when needed.The CMS allows access to edit & re-schedule campaigns.