Digital Signage can do a lot for a company in any idustry. Businesses and organizations of all sizes, from all industries, are already taking advantage of the benefits of digital signage. If you want to create customer engagement, promote brand loyalty, get more customers in your door, and increase sales, then its the time to adopt digital signage.

What we offer

Whether you need a single display or an enterprise solution abzolute offers easy to use, affordable solution to meet your business needs, no matter what industry you are in. Without any special IT skills, any business can take a TV screen, connect it to our Android player and start broadcasting.

abzolute offers all the support and advice required for those who want to switch to digital singage platform.

  • All you need is a web browser, player device, signage display and you are ready to go.
  • All-in-one digital signage management solution that controls both the display hardware and content.

Usage Scenario

Using abzolute businesses can now produce in-house digital signage at a fraction of the cost. abzolute's easy-to-use content management system enable users to provide their customers with a captivating, custom-built visual experience.

Small Businesses

In a world where everything is turning digital, more and more business owners are switching to digital signage. The small businesses can use digital signage to improve the customer experience while also adding revenue.Digital signage can serve a variety of purposes for small businesses that are location-based. Each business is different and digital signage can be customized to fit specific needs.

The great thing about digital signage, and the reason why many businesses are starting to adopt it, is the versatility it offers. For many businesses, digital signage has been about adding revenue. Once the signage displays are installed it is easy to change the content on the screen. One day a retails shop could have the special offers listed on the display in their welcome area and the next day they could show promo videos of the new arrivals.

Here are few ways small businesses can use digital signage to add revenue to their location-based business.

  • Building Trust Through Content
  • Using Content to Sell to Visitors
  • Highlighting Specials and Featured Items
  • Sell with Social Proof and Examples
  • Brand the Business to New Visitors

Service-Oriented Businesses

Enterprise businesses and healthcare institutions share a remarkable number of similarities despite their obvious differences. While businesses are focused on selling a widget or marketing a service, healthcare institutions provide the service of delivering care. To that end, digital signage can benefit a healthcare institution in a multitude of ways.

In today’s world, customers are more sophisticated and tech savvy than ever before and this has raised the expectation of customers regarding the quality of service they receive. Service Industries are continuously facing the challenge of grabbing their attention, keeping them interested and also leaving a lasting impression in their minds which in turn will result in better customer satisfaction, higher customer retention and improving the brand recall through their an invaluable, word-of-mouth, advertising.

Implementing digital signage will be a right step towards the direction of understanding the needs of the customer better, especially, for the services industries like healthcare & finance. Digital Signage is very effective in increasing the footfall, generating inquiries, improving brand awareness, reducing perceived wait times, improving operational efficiency and most importantly, making offices visit a marvellous experience.

Franchised Businesses

With Digital Signage any franchised businesses can avoid the dilution of their brand identity using the benefits arising out of this communication medium. Franchises are able to manage franchise-wide media and content from a single, centralized control hub, reducing overhead and improving service. They can use this to deliver targeted, time-appropriate promotions that increase sales across the entire franchise network.

Large Corporations

As more and more companies are expandeding their operations to various locations, digital signage assumes a greater significance in their business opertaions. This is particularly true in the case of digital signage for internal communications. by effectively providing information to workforces distributed across multiple locations.

  • Increasing employee engagement by recognizing workers’ contribution
  • Improving customer service by training staff members via digital videos;
  • Providing customised messages relevant for specific locations and audiences;
  • Preventing workplace accidents by displaying visual safety announcements.