Our Software

The abzolute digital signage platform allows customers to specifically tailor communication focused at a specific audience, location and time. An easy-to-use content management system with intuitive templates and web-based interface allows for organization and scheduling of content, images, videos and even live feeds such as clock, weather forecasts or the news.

Campaign Scheduling

Decides when and where media will play

To schedule a campaign or group of campaigns, choose the players or group of players you want to update, and publish for immediate playback or at a future date and time.

Multiple regions

Split your screen to multiple media zones

Choose a default layout or create a custom layout with multiple zones to include multi-media contents like audio, video and widgets such as clock, weather etc. Also you can choose custom text scroll widget to show your own messages.

Drag-and-drop Timeline

Drag and drop your media into a Timelines

Drag, drop and reorder your media to create a timline ready for publishing to your deplolyed screens. Start with a default template provided by abzolute or use custom layouts with mutliple zones to create a campaign.


A single dashboard to provide details about campaign and players

Our simple and infromative dashboard provides you with a real-time view of top 5 campaigns played, data usage, number of players and the status of every device connected to your signage network, etc


Add dynamic widgets to your digital signage layouts and playlists

we have a clock and RSS widget allows you to add an extrata information to your displays, regardless of what media player technology your choose.

Proof of Play

A Proof of Play report summary of the media palyed in your network

Our Proof of Play feature collects data from every device connected to the singage network. Every time a piece of content is played it is date and time stamped and recorded along with any associated metadata and player data.


Robust support team to provide you peace of mind

Our professional support team will provide you end to end support which includes installation, consultation and final deployment. Also our team will ensure the proper service for the smooth functioning of the deployed sigange network


Display and download reports on all aspects of your campaigns and devices

All aspects of your signage network are recorded, ranging from campaign playback to realtime health of the device and option to download as CSV files for further analysis.